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Singing Otter Indian Crafts
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Fur Hats
Bags and Pouches
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Bandooler Bag
Eastern Woodland or Eastern Rifleman Bandooler Bag like those used during the French and Indian Wars. They measure about 12 inch by 12 inch with a 48 inch strap attached for over the shoulder. Undecorated $17.50 each Item # BB-001


Beaded Bandoleer Bag this is custom beaded to your choice or design, high lighted with white beads and color ones added.  Item # BBB - 003                                   $45.00ea.


Medicine Pouch
This is a leather pouch that measures about 4" by 5" with a leather throng laced through it with a leather stay strip. The throng is long enough to allow the pouch to hang around neck. Undecorated PRICE $12.50 each   Iten # MP-002

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