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Singing Otter Indian Crafts
Fur Hats


Fur Hats
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These Fur hats are made from fur on tanned hides. They are in the Eastern Style, they include Beaver, Bob Cat, Badger, Skunk, Otter, Red Fox, and Coyote. See below for price.

Beaver Item # FH-EA0240                $134.00

Bobcat Item # FH-EA0241                $134.00

Badger Item # FH-EA0242                $134.00

Skunk Item # FH-EA0243                  $134.00

Otter Item # FH-EA0244                  $192.00

Red Fox Item # FH-EA0070               $100.00

Coyote Item # FH-EA0069                $114.00

Raccoon Item # FH-EA0031               $66.00

The next two items are Faces not full skins.
Fox Face Item # FH-EA2035              $20.00

Coyote Face Item # FH-EA2036           $20.00

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